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Amazing prehistoric fossils cleverly transformed into 'interior design' ideas, and decorative living space ideas. Brought to you by the The Fossil Store Ltd.

Massive labradorite freeform, polished iridescent mineral #iridescence #labradorite #minerals #crystals #instagood #interiordesign #geology #semiprecious #jewellers


Massive labradorite freeform, polished iridescent mineral #iridescence #labradorite #minerals #crystals #instagood #interiordesign #geology #semiprecious #jewellers


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Fossil romance….

This is one of my favourite pieces we have currently available.

One of a Kind Lebanese Ray & Violin fish fossils, preserved in lithographic Limestone and ready to display on your wall with a custom made (male-to-female) hanging system.

To discover two beautiful and varied specie of marine animal, fossilised together in such a way is incredible rare.

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For the love of Raptors!

See our range of dromaeosaur raptor teeth and claws for sale today.

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Its all about the lighting!

I love these unique and stylish lanterns from Morocco, they create such a wonderful tranquil ambiance to any room. In many shapes, designs and sizes there are a lot to choose from.

We stock genuine Moroccan lanterns, hand made and produced in Morocco.

Marrakesh is famous for there lantern stalls, and where we first became intrigued with the decorative lights, at the dead of night lighting up the square with a beautiful array of colours and themes.

There are many different types, but personally I like the old rustic style lanterns. They have a more organic feel, African craftsmanship and the typical Moroccan vibe. They are more durable than the typical replica designs available on the market, crafted from inferior Moroccan quality tin.

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Trilobites currently on offer…

Amazing drotops trilobite from Morocco, North Africa, dating back 90 million years ago.

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Akantharges trilobites is a recent specie discovery, very much sought after by collectors and trilobite enthusiasts alike.

Genus - Akantharges mbareki sp. (Order Lichida, Family Lichidae)

Location - Jorf, Tinejdad„ Morocco, North Africa

Geological age - Paleozoic Era, Middle Devonian (Eifelian) Period, 397.5 - 391.8 million years ago

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Ammonites on bases on offer…

A large Cretaceous ammonite surmounted by fine white British Portland limestone. The Cephalopod set on our unique swivel attachment allowing a full review of the heavy and robust specimen ammonite

Information -

It requires many hours to prepare and when we say many, we literally mean anything from 60hrs to 130hrs of work and technical skill to extract, especially ammonites of this calibre. Found in the fossil beds of North Africa. We have revitalising these fascinating, extinct marine animals, presenting dramatic display as seen here for exhibit, studio offices, hotels or your home.

These massive Mantelliceras ammonites are becoming increasingly more difficult to cull out of the fossil beds due to new dam constructions on these sites. Other reasons such as laborious methods and techniques are making their recovery slower and eventually will mean beds will expire. An all too common event of the fossil hunters life in this ever changing and developing environment.

..iridescent nautilus polished to reveal the replaced calcified chambers (this occurring during the fossilization process), having an overall lustrous finish.

The form completely inflated,no malformation appears to have taken place,the three dimension ivory form very appealing.

Location - Tulear region, Madagascar

Geological age - Mesozoic era, lower cretaceous period, Albian stage; around 99-112 million years ago


Arturo is a 29-year-old male polar bear currently living in Argentina’s Mendoza Zoo. He is suffering in 40C (104F) heat in an enclosure that has just 20 inches of water for him to swim in and has as a consequence been displaying worrying behavior.

Please sign this petition or at least spread the word in order to have Arturo transferred to a zoo in Canada which has better facilities for an animal that is used to polar conditions.

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I love these neolithic arrowheads. The workmanship and preserved detail is incredible considering how old they are!

They make awesome pendant and jewellery pieces, real statement jewellery.

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Decorative and intriguing minerals from Morocco. We have collected some of the most bizarre, and beautiful minerals from across the globe for many years, why not see what we have to offer today.

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